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Girlfriend, this kit is full of your VIP products. The ybf beauty products you have said are your can't-live-without favorites over the years are now available in one collection with an incredible value! These products... Read more


Girlfriend, this kit is full of your VIP products. The ybf beauty products you have said are your can't-live-without favorites over the years are now available in one collection with an incredible value! These products are your best friends.

Get the ultimate VIP kit for ONLY $69.99 ($159.80 VALUE!)


  • The VIPs in your makeup kit in one incredible collection!
  • You are your own best friend, but these are your can't-live-without BFFs.
  • The first thing you should say when you look in the mirror is, hello gorgeous! Then get started with these products.


  • perfect prep face primer mini
  • automatic eyebrow pencil
  • neutralizing creme
  • illuminating creme
  • lash mob
  • complexion perfection
  • kabuki brush
  • shade shifting lip color

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$159.80 VALUE 
ONLY $69.99



automatic eyebrow pencil: 1 pencil = 22 shades! The only brow pencil of its kind! This FAB brow pencil changes color based upon the amount of pressure you apply so it’s universal – made for all hair types, colors and skin tones! Specially formulated eye brow pencil for easy application in short, feathery strokes!

neutralizing cremeOur soft, lemony-yellow neutralizing crème will act as your second skin. It is custom formulated to help counteract the appearance of redness and skin discolorations. Girlfriends know this yellow toned crème creates a flawless effect on your face, warming your complexion as it equalizes its hue! This lightweight crème feels like silk, goes on smoothly and is easy to blend and manipulate. Apply directly on skin or over foundation!

illuminating cremeSilky, pearl-like pigments in the illuminating crème create a soft-optic and light-reflecting hue, which helps disguise darkness, uneven skin tones or discoloration while highlighting your favorite features! The fine glimmer is not overly shimmery, making it perfect for day or night; it kisses skin with a luminous finish that's soft, subtle and simply irresistible!

lash mobAll-day intensity for longer lashes and big, beaYOUtiful eyes. Lash MOB mascara is formulated with vitamin B for smooth application to create volume without the clumps and drama without any smudges. Girlfriend, lash MOB is truly bold lashes in a bottle. 

complexion perfectioncolour-adjusting face powder handles all your personal needs—mint green to play down redness, yellow to assist in evening out the appearance of skin tones, lavender to attract light, peach to help brighten and bronze to add sun-kissed warmth.  Dial up the smooth look of a loose powder with the no-mess convenience of a pressed powder, universal for all skin tones! The unique delivery system gives you customized and controllable application. 

kabuki brushThis smooth, soft-bristled taklon ybf kabuki brush is specially designed to properly lift the perfect amount of powder up and deliver a fine veil of soft, luminous even color to your whole complexion. 

shade shifting lip color: Lightweight balm texture glides on your lips smoothly adjusting to your body temperature and pH for a totally customize pink shade. Formulated with castor seed oil, grape seed oil, shea butter and vitamin E to hydrate and nourish your perfect pout.



Step 1: Whether you’re in the mood for a makeup-free day or want to layer on foundation, perfect prep skin primer should always be your first makeup step! Wear alone or after applying your favorite moisturizer. Blend all over your face with your fingers to evenly distribute. Allow primer to set before applying foundation, concealer, or powder.

Step 2: Next, use your ring finger to pat your neutralizing crème on any imperfections - one of the most common problem areas is under your eye. Draw a ‘triangle of light’ with the base of the triangle directly under your eye and the point toward your cheek. Then, blend out lightly using your ring finger.

Step 3: Brows! Hold your ybf automatic eyebrow pencil vertically against the side of your nostril. The point at which the pencil crosses your brow area is where your natural brow line should start and make a mark.

Next, while keeping the bottom of the pencil stationary at the base of your nostril, slide the top of the pencil slightly in the direction of your temple across the front of your eye. Stop at the outer edge of your iris (outside colour of your eye). Where the pencil crosses your brow is where your arch should be for the appearance of optimum lift - make a mark.

Again, keeping the bottom of the pencil stationary at the base of your nostril, move your pencil diagonally so that it extends past the outer corner of your eye and make a mark. Your brow should not go past this point, or your eye will appear to droop.

Now, simply connect your marked spots using small feathery strokes to define and refine your brows.

After you apply your pencil shade use the spoolie brush on the end of the pencil to brush up your brows.

Step 4: Place the lash mob mascara wand at the base of your top lashes. Sweep through to the tips using a zig-zag motion to give your roots definition and separate your lashes at the same time. For your lower lashes, use the tip of the wand to gently work the brush horizontally over the lashes. Apply additional coasts for additional drama.

Step 5: Now, highlight your most favorite features! Apply down the center of your nose to elongate your face. Next, apply on the top of your cheekbones from the iris of your eye to the end of your brow line to create the illusion of high cheekbones we only have in our dreams! Finally, apply on your cupid’s bow and in the middle of your top and bottom lip area to enhance that pretty pout!

Step 6: Dust our complexion perfection powder all over your face with the kabuki brush for a radiant, flawless finish. Your complexion will be perfection.

Step 7: Finish off your look with the shade shifting lip color! Simply swipe it on and it will adjust to your perfect pink shade.