neutralizing crème & mini primer

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The perfect duo for a no-makeup makeup look! Prime and neutralizing and walk out the door with a fresh, beYOUtiful complexion. Only $30 ($40 value)!


  • neutralizing crème
  • perfect prep face primer mini

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$40.00 VALUE 
ONLY $30.00



This is truly your “perfection in a pot”! Neutral is good, especially when it comes to evening out your skin tone, that’s why we created neutralizing crème, a soft lemony yellow, nourishing second skin. You will love how smoothly this crème glides on your pretty face! It helps color-neutralize the appearance of redness and softens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It's a mistake-proof way to create an even, youthful-looking, moisturized appearance as it brightens and adds light to your gorgeous complexion. It’s a must in the skin prepping department! Flirt with flawlessness, Girlfriend!

The perfect prep face primer smooths and refines the appearance of your skin, extending the wear of your makeup by keeping foundation and concealer from seeping into fine lines. Perfect prep face primer acts as a mattifier, assisting in controlling shine while adding moisture. Can be worn under makeup or alone!


Step 1: Whether you’re in the mood for a makeup-free day or want to layer on foundation, perfect prep skin primer should always be your first makeup step! Wear alone or after applying your favorite moisturizer. Blend all over your face with your fingers to evenly distribute. Allow primer to set before applying foundation, concealer, or powder.

Step 2: Next, use your ring finger to pat your neutralizing crème on any imperfections - one of the most common problem areas is under your eye. Draw a ‘triangle of light’ with the base of the triangle directly under your eye and the point toward your cheek. Then, blend out lightly using your ring finger. You're good to go!

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