Our Story

 ybf story

There comes a day when you feel the urge to rev up the energy, to look behind a new door and discover the gal you were meant to be. No one understands this fiery desire better than ybf (your best friend). ybf beauty was created for and by YOU - our girlfriends! Your feedback develops and navigates the ybf philosophy, “empowering women to live the life they dream using beauty as a tool!” Much like our successful premier brand Models Prefer (12 years on QVCUSA and 8 years QVCUK), we created a line that we know you will fall in love with over and over again every time you receive it! ybf products are so fun that you’ll be thrilled to share them with YOUR BEST FRIEND. ybf beauty was introduced in 2008 featuring paraben-free formulas in beautiful, prestige packaging - a #1 seller at HSN (USA) QVC (UK), TSC (Canada) and TVSN (Australia and New Zealand)! We loved working with you on our ybf “pink grows up” launch in which the packaging graduated from a delicate, soft pink to a rich, bold red! We related this conversion to the transformation we all make through life’s journey as women – going from demure to dazzling. It’s also very important to us at ybf to be inclusive, never exclusive, especially in the 200 million households that ybf is televised LIVE worldwide!!

ybf has the intuitive understanding of today’s modern girlfriend. We’ve created an innovative approach to personal care which features beautiful, revolutionary products you’ll love! Working with some of the most advanced ingredients and technology available today, we’ve infused the line with ybf’s Smart Active Complex®, an exclusive, paraben-free formula, enriched with extracts from the earth. This complex helps skin look radiant and appear younger-looking too! When your skin is stressed by UV damage, air pollution, smoking, etc. this innovative complex acts as your personal skin monitor to trigger your immune system to help protect against harsh environmental aggressors! Each shade in our ybf line is carefully and professionally selected to enhance and adjust to every skin tone and type for a true customized look! ybf continues a long tradition of providing luxurious personalized, mistake-proof, beauty products that deliver maximum results with minimal effort!

Finally, as a caring team of leading beauty experts, we will be there for you, our devoted girlfriends, to help you along every step of your journey! We’ll unearth your carefree, confident and can-do attitude! We’ll show you how we turn meek into magnificent, subdued into spectacular and yesterday into tomorrow…. all with laughter, LOVE and a little lipstick! ybf is about sharing the magic…the secrets…the products…the tools…and the know-how with all of our very best girlfriends!!

 OXO – Stacey & the ybf Team!