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Prime and perfect with the dynamic duo that will give you the quick, no-makeup makeup look we all love. The perfect prep mini primer and automatic eyebrow pencil make a powerful pair! Refine the appearance of your skin by controlling shine and adding moisture. Then, perfectly frame those pretty peepers with the universal automatic brow pencil and you are ready to go! 

$30.00 VALUE ONLY $20.00


exactly what every girlfriend needs:

  • mini perfect prep primer
  • automatic eyebrow pencil

No questions asked return policy. Girlfriend, if you don't love it, you have 30 days from your purchase date to return it, no questions asked.


The perfect prep face primer smooths and refines the appearance of your skin, extending the wear of your makeup by keeping foundation and concealer from seeping into fine lines. Perfect prep face primer acts as a mattifier, assisting in controlling shine while adding moisture. Can be worn under makeup or alone!

Made in USA


One pencil, 22 DIFFERENT SHADES!

Our brow pencil is the only one of its kind! Made for all hair types, colours, and skin tones, the automatic eyebrow pencil is truly universal and changes colour based upon the amount of pressure you apply!

This dual-ended pencil with a spoolie brush helps you create natural-looking, perfectly groomed brows every time! Specially formulated for easy application in short, customizable, feathery strokes.

No need for sharpening - just twist, apply and accentuate the brows for a completely beYOUtiful look.

Made in Korea


  • primer
    • "YBF's perfect primer! I love this product! My makeup goes on smooth and stays on all day. The feel is amazing!" - lv2scrap02
    • "This primer makes your skin so smooth and soft. You’ve got to try it!" - 4mybirthday
    • "I love this product to help even out my skin tone. Anyone can use the color and it feels like silk. This should be a staple in anyone's beauty regimen." - mea1dow2
    • "Love this product! It covers & blends imperfections so that when one applies powder or wet makeup it looks great!”- Aqua42
    • "GREAT Product! I love this product because it helps my makeup go on SMOOTHER and it stays on all day. Thank you!" - mjdmad

  • automatic eyebrow pencil
    • "Best eyebrow pencil ever!!! First brought it on hsn, and lasted me forever!!" - Andrea A.
    • "Love the product! Blends well, color is universal." - Jessica M.
    • "best thing I ever tried to fill in my easy to use an compact to carry" - Phyllis C.
    • "I’ve used YBF eyebrow pencil for at least 10 years. If you’ve ever gotten so frustrated trying to use other eyebrow pencils that you’ve thrown them away, try this one. It’s automatic of course and it’s so easy. The one color can be easily controlled for the lightness or darkness you want by the pressure you apply. It’s so neutral it works with any hair color. My hair is now gray but when I started using it my hair was a light brown. It would certainly also work for dark brown or even black I believe. No guesswork. It’s good for a fill-in if your brows are sparse, and it’s good for a thinner or thicker line. The lead never breaks. It’s high-quality and incredibly long-lasting which makes it a great value." - Sharon D.
    • "This eyebrow pencil works magic! I’ve tried for years to make my brows just show up like most other women but being a redhead, well it’s a challenge. Finally, a product that works! I recommend this product to everyone." - Kim F.
    • "Just tried this product for the first time, wonderful. I was having problems finding the correct color for my fair skin & platnum blonde hair, this is perfect." - Judy S.
    • "I love these pencils. Used them for a few years." - Karen B.
    • "This eyebrow pencil is my favorite. Easy to use, and looks natural." - George M.
    • "I originally purchased this brow pencil through a home shopping network. I love this item, easy to use, for myself with sparse eyebrows it’s a great filler for sure. " - Cynthia M.


Step 1: Whether you’re in the mood for a makeup-free day or want to layer on foundation, perfect prep skin primer should always be your first makeup step! Wear alone or after applying your favorite moisturizer. Blend all over your face with your fingers to evenly distribute. Allow primer to set before applying foundation, concealer, or powder.

Step 2: Brows! Hold your ybf automatic eyebrow pencil vertically against the side of your nostril. The point at which the pencil crosses your brow area is where your natural brow line should start and make a mark.

Step 3: Next, while keeping the bottom of the pencil stationary at the base of your nostril, slide the top of the pencil slightly in the direction of your temple across the front of your eye. Stop at the outer edge of your iris (outside colour of your eye). Where the pencil crosses your brow is where your arch should be for the appearance of optimum lift - make a mark.

Step 4: Again, keeping the bottom of the pencil stationary at the base of your nostril, move your pencil diagonally so that it extends past the outer corner of your eye and make a mark. Your brow should not go past this point, or your eye will appear to droop.

Step 5: Now, simply connect your marked spots using small feathery strokes to define and refine your brows.

Step 6: After you apply your pencil shade use the spoolie brush on the end of the pencil to brush up your brows.

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